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The plot and settings of the world of Lunar involves a world of fantasy and magic with emphasis on folklore and legend. The world was governed by the Goddess Althena. There are a many legends how the world itself saved and destroyed. The games take place in the land of Silver Star

Silver Star orbiting a huge, barren Blue Star

, the world of Lunar, a small habited world orbiting a lifeless Blue Star. Centuries before the start of the game, mankind lived in Blue Star, while Silver Star is nothing but a lifeless world. the Blue Star was rendered unlivable by years of war and reckless use of magic.

This was caused by the god of destruction and darkness, Zophar came to Blue Star. Zophar preyed on mankind's greed for wealth and power, creating anarchy and chaos where there once peace and love. Mankind fought oneanother with furious anger, spilling the blood of others without thought on consequence. Zophar's power grew exponentially because of the dark desire within the hearts of humans. He used that power to pervert mankind further. Humans were transformed into a hideous beasts and suffers under Zophar's tiranny. They beg for Goddess Althena to rescue them. Goddess Althena had no choice to use her power to banish Zophar in the netherworld. However, the clash between their forces decimated the Blue Star, and become barren and unfit for habitation.

In the end, the Blue Star was laid to waste, as Zophar intended. All is not lost, a gleaming sanctuary loomed large in the sky. A once dead world, Lunar was transformed into thriving land of wonder. Althena moved the surviving humans into Lunar to live in peace. She created a fortress and use as an ark to journey to the Silver Star. She also created a four divine dragons for the purpose of protecting Lunar as well as herself. While the humans live in Lunar, the Blue Star recovered from the massive clash. Althena have left the Blue Star to guard the humans, and she give the responsibility to protect the Blue Star to a young girl.

A young girl who's a protecter of the Blue Star

The SeriesEdit

  • Lunar: Silver Star
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue
  • Lunar: Walking School
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete
  • Magic School Lunar!
  • Lunar Legend
  • Lunar: Dragon Song
  • Lunar: SIlver Star Harmony

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