“A Boundless Love Story. An Epic Adventure. An Instant Classic.”

Lunar: The Silver Star is the first game of Lunar series. It developed by Game Arts and Studio Alex for the Sega Mega-CD console.

Originally released in Japan on June 16, 1992 to critical acclaim, the game was translated and released in English by Working Designs the following year. Designed as a "different kind of RPG", Lunar: The Silver Star made use of the up-and-coming disc format by featuring CD-quality audio, video playback, and voice acting to narrate a fantasy story set in a magical world. As the number one selling Mega-CD title in Japan, the game sold nearly as many copies as the system itself, and remains the second highest-selling Mega-CD title of all time. It was followed by a direct sequel, Lunar: Eternal Blue in 1994. Since the game's original release, two enhanced remakes have been produced for various systems: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, the remake version in and in 2002.

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